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Episode 20! This is the close of the first season of Eat My Podcast. We're taking a little break while Jillian writes a book and Melinda promotes Romantic Encounters. Going out with a bang, Jillian's delightful new neighbor Sara Benincasa practically tumbled off the airplane from New York into the mancave. We talk about what it takes to go from hiding in a closet to talking big truth in a spotlight. Check it out!

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Adorable and charming hostess extraordinaire Tess Rafferty drops by to talk about life, love, wine and how there's an art to being a guest as well as a host. We learned so much! Invite us to your party and see!

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Barbara and Vera Duffy, the infamous Poubelle Twins, reveal lessons about life and love, the dangers and rewards of being Luchadoras, and how they were almost born joined at the head. Double your podcast pleasure! Check it out!

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Actress, comedian, podcaster and Daytime Court TV producer Sharon Houston stops by the man cave and somehow gets us to reveal our most secret sex fantasies. It's true! For reals- this is one of our favorite interviews. Sharon is funny and authentic and she tells us what it's like to deal all day long with people who lie to her about how many teeth they have. Check it out!

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Using Scott's Planet of the Apes Cornelius bust, we lure Dana Gould into the mancave and get him talking about his Boston roots and his quest to become the Wolfman. Check it out!

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The incomparable Jackie Beat came by to chat about glamour, parents, cruise ships, terriers and the responsibilities of mega-stardom. Check it out!

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Tracy McMillan drops by in a fabulous turquoise mini-dress to give the insider scoop on the spiritual journey of taking meetings in Hollywood. Also- get the DL on why you're not married...yet! You know you want to know!

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All around genius Brendon Small drops by the man cave to talk about how moving to a beat Steinbeckian town can benefit your life. Also- the fascination of failure. And, of course, metal, metal metal. It's brutal. Check it out.

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Drew Droege came to the studio, sponsored by the country of Croatia, rose tinted monocles and velour. Learn how to become a viral sensation by breaking the rules of comedy.

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Jillian's neighbor Dwayne Perkins dropped by to talk about Coney Island, family tragedy, how to tell a New York project from a condo complex and how spreadsheets and comedy are related. Math is funny! Check it out!

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Episode 10: Moshe Kasher

The hilarious Moshe Kasher dropped by to talk about Jew-y things with Jillian. After the sixth time we said the word "rebbe" Melinda felt left out, so we changed the conversation to hip hop and drugs. Moshe discusses his fantastic new memoir Kasher in the Rye. He also tells you where you can take him out dancing on a Friday night. Listen up!

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Get your fix of gossip about 90s NY experimental theater- you know you want it! James Urbaniak is as delightful as he is dashing- don't be fooled by the MC Hammer jacket on his Wikipedia page. We chat about accidental encounters with cult members, Melinda's job at Incredible Edibles and the wonders of Comicon.

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Episode 8: Maria Bamford

The unbelievably talented Maria Bamford is a hero to both of us, so we were all atwitter when we successfully blackmailed her into coming on the show. Listen in as we talk with Maria about new memoirs, small dogs, the ever-present allure of a career in library science, and turning suffering into art (and vice versa).

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Episode 7 - Nina Hartley

You may think you know Nina Hartley intimately, but did she come to your house and drink tea and talk about her childhood dreams? Not likely, suckah! But you don’t have to take my word for it that she’s as bright and charming as she is gorgeous, you can listen in for yourself to Episode 7, in which Nina comes to the man cave to talk about feminism, growing up in Berkeley, bad marriages, good sex and why she doesn’t masturbate on airplanes. We learned stuff! You will, too!

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Episode 6 - Julien Nitzberg

After a mortifying phone call during which Jillian confused Julien Nitzberg with her therapist (also named Julien), Jillian had to make fast friends with this punker-than-fuck writer and filmmaker, if only so he wouldn't reveal all her secrets. Julien comes by the man cave to talk about his utterly riveting film, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, rife with shoot-outs, robberies, gas-huffing , drug dealing, pill popping, murders, and tap dancing.

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Episode 5: Selene Luna

The glamorous and hilarious Selene Luna came by to drink kombucha brewed by Jillian’s neighbor. I think it got us a little drunk because we definitely talked mad shit. Listen in as we reveal burlesque secrets, gossip about renowned performance artists, sing the praises of Margaret Cho and just generally talk show biz with this delightful diva of stage and screen.

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Episode 4: Taylor Negron

Comedian, playwright, essayist, actor and house psychic Taylor Negron stopped by the studio to talk about the ghosts in the Comedy Store, acting next to Barbara Streisand, the generosity of Robin Williams, what it takes to survive in the arts and an orgy that happened during hurricane Katrina. Check it out!

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Episode 3: Mishna Wolff

Mishna Wolff, author of the mega-hit memoir I'm Down, came to drink Yerba Mate with us in Scott's man cave. She is an absolute delight, a tall drink of water and a brilliantly sly satirist. We talk about sex and class and race and sexy class and racy sex and how failed assassins often become supermodels. Check it out!

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Episode 2 - Patty Schemel

Patty Schemel, drummer of the band Hole and subject of the new documentary Hit So Hard, came by the studio last week and blew us away by being so funny, honest and just plain f-ing rock. We talked about all the important things... motherhood, music, Courtney Love, documentaries, Jillian's horrible ex, heroin and the magical healing powers of dogs. Check out the grit and the glamour that is Episode 2 of Eat My Podcast!

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Episode 1: Thomas Jane

For our first episode, Thomas Jane showed up at my house with no shoes on and a sexy, surly attitude. We all got jacked-up on green tea lattes and spent a fascinating hour talking about comics, astronomy and Thomas’s early career as a Bollywood heartthrob, among other things.

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