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Episode 20! This is the close of the first season of Eat My Podcast. We're taking a little break while Jillian writes a book and Melinda promotes Romantic Encounters. Going out with a bang, Jillian's delightful new neighbor Sara Benincasa practically tumbled off the airplane from New York into the mancave. We talk about what it takes to go from hiding in a closet to talking big truth in a spotlight. Check it out!

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Adorable and charming hostess extraordinaire Tess Rafferty drops by to talk about life, love, wine and how there's an art to being a guest as well as a host. We learned so much! Invite us to your party and see!

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Barbara and Vera Duffy, the infamous Poubelle Twins, reveal lessons about life and love, the dangers and rewards of being Luchadoras, and how they were almost born joined at the head. Double your podcast pleasure! Check it out!

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