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Episode 3: Mishna Wolff

Mishna Wolff, author of the mega-hit memoir I'm Down, came to drink Yerba Mate with us in Scott's man cave. She is an absolute delight, a tall drink of water and a brilliantly sly satirist. We talk about sex and class and race and sexy class and racy sex and how failed assassins often become supermodels. Check it out!

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Episode 2 - Patty Schemel

Patty Schemel, drummer of the band Hole and subject of the new documentary Hit So Hard, came by the studio last week and blew us away by being so funny, honest and just plain f-ing rock. We talked about all the important things... motherhood, music, Courtney Love, documentaries, Jillian's horrible ex, heroin and the magical healing powers of dogs. Check out the grit and the glamour that is Episode 2 of Eat My Podcast!

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Episode 1: Thomas Jane

For our first episode, Thomas Jane showed up at my house with no shoes on and a sexy, surly attitude. We all got jacked-up on green tea lattes and spent a fascinating hour talking about comics, astronomy and Thomas’s early career as a Bollywood heartthrob, among other things.

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